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Aimee Trimble — Lakewood Ohio

Aimee Trimble

Aimee Trimble — Lakewood, Ohio.  F**k frienship, Aimee wanted some d**k. Shopping and getting her drink on with her friend to get closer with the d**k in the relationship. She lost custody of her kid, lost her job and lost the baby daddy d**k, what’s a tramp supposed to do? NOT hop on her friends man after some sneaky phone exchanges and some sneak around sexual innuendos and some NUDES sent to his phone! Time to start lying and look for another “friend,” one with a dude she wants to f**k. He ate that s**t! lol…


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AimeeAimee TrimbleAimee Trimble — Lakewood OhioLakewoodohioTrimble

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