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He pretends to be so stable and so positive but when alone he verbally abuses women. Berates them, calls them names, and manipulates them to the point of insanity. When he doesnt get his way he will become abusive and mean. Yells and throws things. Violent and bipolar but hides on social media like hes a saint. Hes a serial cheater. Dates one woman while talking to 3 others. Currently is sugaring up the women on his exes pages to publicly ridicule the fact that he mentally abused and verbally berated them and got away with it. Hes a hack with a very small penis. He has severe erectile dysfunction but is in denial. Cannot get hard and only cums watching lesbian anal porn, even with a naked female in the bed. When he gets bored with you he rungs your name through the mud and stalks the people you know to get them to join his alliance of jaded, dysfunctional, dishonest weirdos. Hes very scary when he is angry. He is stingy and will take whatever a female gives then abuses her to the point of panic. He cheated on his last girlfriend with 4 other women then told her he couldnt trust her. Hes manipulative, abusive, dishonest, and a full on creep. Hes almost 50 years old and has the hygiene of a 3rd grader. He smells, doesnt wash his hair and has a big problem with deodorant. He does tattoos and touches women inappropriately in the shop. Check yelp..one woman already complained publicly. Hes scum and hope karma knows his cheating address.

New York


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