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Jori Spohr — Edina, Minnesota

Jori Spohr

Selling a house is best job for Jori Spohr. She f***s married men when she shows the home if the men wife are not with them, then she takes over and has s*x with all of them. This get her sales fast and easy. All she had to do was strip and beg a little for the cheating d**k to take pity on her and give her a sad two minutes of d**k. She pulled him back like she wasn’t done, he pushed away because he was done. His wife was going to be p****d, Jori Spohr was a best friend to her face; such a nasty s**t behind her back, the joke was on him. Two minutes of so-so s*x for who knows how many months of sleeping on the couch. And, that was after he went to the doctor and got checked for STD’s. Jori Spohr roped a dope and stole some d**k.

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Jori SpohrJori Spohr — Edina Minnesota

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