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Nichol Madewell — Kingman, Arizona

Nichol Madewell

When Cody first got with Nichol Madewell, he came so quick that she thought he had a squirtgun or something, he shot her right in the eye. That will make a friendly b***h get rude, faster than Cody can reload his little pop gun. But she was h***y and didn’t want to have to rub another one out by herself, she worked with the loser until he could get the little guy to stand at attention again. This time he was a two-minute man, three at tops. Why did she want to cheat with this gumdrop in the first place, f**k that, she needs a real lover. Time to move on, Nichol, find you another married man with a real gun, an African cowboy. Giddy up, you cheating s**t!

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Nichol MadewellNichol Madewell — Kingman-Arizona

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