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Renne Hom — San Jose, California

Renne Hom

Scott Brightenstein caught an STD from Renne Hom then she infected Andre Jae Canepa with this evil virus. Andre says he got it from her nasty p***y of, Renne. One of them is lying or has slept with someone nastier than themself, because you can’t get that stuff from thinking about cheating. Renne Hom does run a little s*x escort business thru her bedroom at her place. It’s more likely she gave it to Andre and Scott the nasty s**t but, you never know, Andre and Scott sleeps with other nasty b*****s, too, fake “Renne Hom” isn’t the only w***e he screws, just one of the nastier girls he gets with when there’s no one else around and he’s h***y.

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Renne HomRenne Hom — San Jose California

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